K-series Portable Crushing and Screening Plants

The World's First Portable Crusher

In the 1950s, the world's first portable crusher is produced by the Federal German Krupp Corp. The crawler portable crusher weighs 145 tons. It is used in a limestone quarry in northwest Germany, the production capacity is 100-200 tons per hour.

The First GenerationSuccessfully bring portable crushing concept to China

The first generation, the rubber-tyred portable crushing plant developed by SBM, is a special attempt. It is successful to bring advanced portable crushing technology from abroad, meeting the domestic customers' initial expectations basically.

The Second GenerationPerfectly fuse mechanical and aesthetic

With increasing demand for portable crushing plants, our company set up a dedicated R & D department to do further study, the second-generation came into being soon.

Crawler Portable Crushing and Screening Plant

While the second-generation portable crushing plant is in development, the third generation is also. The equipment makes up gaps in the market of crawler portable crushing plant in China.

K-series Portable Crushing and Screening Plant

The elite R&D team of portable crushing plant is founded with the accumulation of time and experience. The fourth generation --K series portable crushing and screening plant is successfully developed through tireless efforts.