K-series Portable Crushing and Screening Plants

Self-adjusting screening, meeting more screening requirements

18-25 ° self-adjusting screening which can easily control the screen, meets the different requirements without changing the mesh screening. Compared with fixed screening device, it has more significant yield advantages in case of consistent installed power.

The added vibrating screen angle adjustment feature can meet different requirements for the user by the adjusting the vibrating screen angel without changing the screen.On the other hand, under the same power, greater screening angle means faster passing rate and greater handing capacity, so users can control production capacity by adjusting the angle.

Advanced motor is good for Saving energy & Lessing costs

Driven by cycloid hydraulic motor, the belt conveyor can save energy through adjusting the speed when it's non-full load. Meanwhile, the hydraulic motor can prevent belt body from being damaged by material reflux, and it is easy to maintain.

The traditional belt conveyor is mostly driven by the arc gear motor, it is not easy to adjust the speed when it's no-loaded. Meanwhile, the motor itself cannot prevent belt reverse in emergency so that the material will be forced to reverse and smash the feeding device.
Cycloid hydraulic motor is easy to adjust in case of non-full load or no-load. In emergency, it can also prevent the reverse to avoid body damage of material reflux for that material is well-distributed in the belt.

ABB/ Siemens motor provide stable power

K series are equipped with popular ABB/Siemens motor. The international brand motor is reliable as well as having good adaptability to low-temperature and other harsh environments.

IP65, more resistant to dust and water

The environment in mining district is extremely complex. IP65 not only completely prevent dust from entering but also can prevent water damage to enhance the plant's environment adaptability.

Centralized control system, easy to operate

All operation is controlled by the intensive hydraulic control system, the operator can set up the machine easily. The easier device management can save a lot of labor costs.

Centralized lubrication, easy to maintain

Considering K series adopt many hydraulic control devices, it has certain maintenance requirements. So we use centralized lubrication, which allows operators to complete maintenance on the road.


More models & Wider applications

KK-series portable crushing and screening plants, which includes 7 modules and a total of 72 types, cover various mining production requirements. Compared with similar equipments of the world, the K series have more complete types and wider applications.

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